Project Management 2

Our procurement team has expertise in sourcing, pricing and purchasing, transportation, custom release, as well as field inspection and quality control of all goods and services related to the project. In addition, our team has expertise in national and international material standard regulations and procedures, and acquisition of required insurance policies and warrantees.

Our procurements services include:

Material Purchasing

To ensure an adequate project supply chain for equipment and materials, we participate in early-stage project development to ensure that all purchases on the project are properly carried out and planned in advance; this supports an optimal and cost-effective project implementation.

Through careful supplier selection and pricing in a competitive market, we can offer the right quality and lead-time to the project at the lowest cost. Our purchasing professionals assist you with obtaining and analyzing the qualifications of suppliers, evaluation, ranking, quotation acquisition, negotiation and finalization of bids and purchases.

Standard, Insurance and Warrantee

Our procurement team includes experts in standard procedures who will ensure full compliance of acquired material with local, national and international standard regulations. Our team has expertise in acquisition of all necessary insurance polices and warrantees related to acquisitions, from transportation to delivery and usage.

Transportation/Delivery Control

We plan, monitor and control the most efficient “stage flow” of project freights. Our logistics experts provide assistance in technical, regulatory, commercial, and operational and compliance issues related to the urban, interprovincial and international transportation of equipment and materials.

Field Material Control

We provide expert services to monitor and control equipment and materials at the delivery location and on project site. Our team oversees the material monitoring, control and equipment function, as well as providing reports and plans for inventory and preventative maintenance through properly designed supplier-interfaced ordering software.