We customize green options to your present
need and future outlook
Our integrated energy system design reconciles
between economy and ecology
We pioneer innovative solutions in renewable
power generation projects


From micro hydro to large geothermal power plants, Carnotech Energy designs and develops projects ranging from 20 KW to 200 MW.

What's New

Carnotech Energy has been awarded a turnkey project to develop the first commercial-size multicrop geothermal greenhouse in British Columbia…

Our Background

Carnotech Energy is an energy engineering and development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our specialty is energy saving and sustainable energy solutions. We use the most advanced technologies and methodologies that apply to our clients’ needs for efficiently managing energy consumption, while reducing energy costs and environmental footprint.

We offer technical and management resources across the entire project lifecycle to ensure successful energy project development and maintenance. Our services include, site selection, planning and design, construction, and operations. We provide a full range of project evaluation in the context of strategic planning, market definition, technical evaluation, environmental risk assessment and permitting, and political roadmap and economic analysis as part of a feasibility study. This is followed by civil constructions, equipment acquisition, plant installation and testing as part of EPC project delivery.

Our site evaluation services encompass land use investigation for different energy projects, including wind, hydro, geothermal and geosolar resources, energy transmission systems, and interconnection planning. Our operations support includes project commissioning, performance monitoring, power production forecasting, energy purchase agreements, and full operations and maintenance. Carnotech Energy also takes part in plant decommissioning and repowering, and site remediation and reclamation at the end of the project life cycle.