Origin Organic Farms

The Origin Organic Farms in Delta, British Columbia is an organic vegetable-growing operation that primarily produces organic tomatoes, along with some organic peppers and cucumbers. It is a 13-acre (5.2ha) under-the-glass greenhouse growing facility that is one of three organic greenhouse growers in Canada and the only company in BC carrying out organic greenhouse operations.

Canadian greenhouses are commonly very energy intensive. Most of the consumed energy is related to heating at relatively low temperature. The heat is most commonly supplied by burning natural gas to heat water, which acts as the carrier of heat energy to the operation. Considering the importance of energy costs and environmental sustainability, most Canadian greenhouse growers are constantly seeking to manage energy consumption and costs and mitigate risks associated with energy.

ISO 50001 provides guidance for an integration of energy management practices into the operational management systems of organizations of any size that leads to continuous energy performance improvement. As a result, companies will have access to an effective tool that helps them measure, track, manage and continually improve energy performance.

Carnotech Energy has completed implementation of ISO 50001, the international Energy Management System (EnMS), standard at the Origin Organic Farms greenhouses in Delta and Langley BC. The project involved the integration of the elements and requirements embodied within the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard into operational management systems and business processes.