Fairfield Propagators

Fairfield Propagators is a large (11 acre) floricultural (lily and chrysanthemum) facility in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Carnotech Energy has conducted a comprehensive energy assessment and alternative energy resource study for the greenhouse facility with the objective of reducing its energy costs and enhancing long-term energy sustainability. As part of the energy assessment project, we conducted a macro energy audit including energy and exergy analyses at both energy generating and energy consuming components of the facility. Recommended energy solutions involve significant reductions in both costs and environmental footprint. Furthermore, Carnotech Energy engineers have conducted a comprehensive feasibility study and design for development of a 4 MW Geothermal Heat Pump System. The project was awarded $1.3 million government funds towards its implementation. The designed geothermal system reduces 70% of the GHG emission of the facility, while improving its overall energy economy and sustainability.