Energy Management and Planning

Energy Management and planning

Every energy system is unique, and our approach is customized solutions to lower energy costs while also reducing harmful emissions and environmental footprint. In our energy analysis and management approach, our goal is to create synergy between the supply side and the demand side. Our energy management is based on in-depth understanding of the dynamics of energy and utility markets and aims at delivering optimized energy solutions to clients.

We start with a thorough energy assessment followed by identifying opportunities for energy conservation and equipment optimization, leading to economical gain for the client. Additionally, we design customized energy information management systems for real-time energy data monitoring and control.

Proper performance of equipment and materials is a key factor in the success of each project. Through facility inspection and equipment monitoring all the way to quality control, our experts ensure that the system components and organization meet the best quality requirements for desired performance.

Besides technical support, our energy experts assist clients in competitive procurement of energy supply and energy equipment, contract preparation, negotiations, and risk management.

Our capabilities to assist clients with EPC energy generation projects include:

  • Distributed / modular systems
  • Centralized generation
  • Cogeneration (heat, power and usable CO2)
  • Hybridized technologies (e.g. geo-solar, geo-gas, geo-hydro)