The Chapman Creek Hatchery

The Chapman Creek Hatchery is a fish hatchery operation in Sechelt, Sunshine Coast, B.C., dedicated to sustaining and building salmon and trout stocks in local waterways, and facilitating public education regarding salmonid habitat and life cycles. Carnotech Energy conducted a feasibility study along with detailed engineering design of a 5KW micro hydropower and 20kW geothermal heating system for the facility.

The hybridized geothermal-hydro is based on our unique synergy systems in which intelligent communication between the resource and the demand minimizes the energy waste. Our special design of this micro-hydropower is based on using the exiting water-supply pipeline as penstock in a way to utilize the wasted head and flow without comprising the required flow for the hatchery’s fish tanks. The open-loop geothermal system was designed based on local hydrology to replace the existing electrical heating of the facility and thus save up to 75% on its power consumption. The amount of hydro generated would be sufficient to run the geothermal heat pumps, making the facility 100% energy sufficient. By using BC Hydro’s net-metering program, the excess power will be sold to the local utility, generating a stream of revenue for Chapman Creek Hatchery.

Chapman Creek News Release:

Alternative Energy Project Started, May 2013