14 MW Small Hydropower (Tecto Energy)

Tecto Energy is planning on developing a 14 MW small hydropower project on Lyon Creek in British Columbia (in the Kootenay region). For this project, we conducted feasibility assessments to evaluate power generation potential, economics, and a regulatory and environmental study along with a comprehensive hydrological assessment to determine the life-cycle energy potential of the project. Carnotech Energy has been assigned as the managing consultant to act on behalf of the client to site, scope, design and implement the project. Carnotech Energy is also assisting the client in securing a viable energy purchase agreement from the local power utility (BC Hydro).

With close to 100 meters head over a 700m penstock, the project is expected to pay its capital costs in less than 6 years. Surface-cost analysis in GIS was used to optimize the site and size of the project. Through organizing meetings and workshops with all project stakeholders and proponents, Carnotech Energy was successful in incorporating all socio environmental and economical considerations in the design. The project will contribute a total of 67,000MWhour of electricity per year to the local communities. The generated electricity can provide clean energy to 5,000 British Columbian households.