Lynn Valley Care Centre

Lynn Valley Care Centre is one of Metro-Vancouver’s state-of-the-art geriatric facilities dedicated to providing a wide range of care programs and services to 200 residents. The Centre uses a 150 kW hybrid geothermal and solar system, which is designed and developed by Carnotech Energy Engineers. For this project, we conducted a feasibility study, detailed engineering design, and supervision on the implementation of a Geothermal Heat Pump Energy System with 130 kW capacity combined synergistically with a Solar Panel (20 KW).

As the first application of an industrial size open-loop geothermal energy system in British Columbia, the project became a model for many other similar projects.  With a total of 4 wells (for production and injection) and two large  water tanks, the system was uniquely designed  to improve the efficiency by 20% compared to conventional geothermal systems. The system has paid its capital cost in 5 years and continues to save on energy costs, while reducing the carbon footprint of the complex by 200 tons per year (i.e. 1 ton per resident per year).