Small Hydropower

Powerhouse Srinakarin dam

Run of river is one of the most reliable and proven methods of generating sustainable and green energy. Small-hydroelectric projects use a portion of water flow and elevation drop of a stream to generate power. Unlike conventional hydropower projects, run of river facilities do not require storing large amounts of water in reservoirs, and instead, only a portion of a stream flow is diverted from a river to generate power. As the water runs down the penstock, the force of gravity gives the water the required speed to spin the turbines to generate green electrical energy. After the power is generated, the water is returned to the river without altering downstream flows.

Components of a Small Hydropower Project

A small hydropower consists of an intake, penstock, powerhouse, tailrace and substation. The intake is a structure that diverts a portion of a creek’s flow into a penstock or pipe. The penstock is usually a pipeline that carries the diverted water from the intake into the powerhouse, which is a building that houses turbines to generate power. After the water passes through the turbines, a tailrace returns the water back into the creek. The substation contains transformers to convert the produced power to a higher voltage. The power generated in the powerhouse is transmitted to the grid through a transmission or power line. Carnotech Energy can offer full range of technical and project consultation as follows:

Small Hydropower Resource Assessment

As an engineering and development company with the primary focus in hydroelectric generation, we design and develop hydropower projects ranging in output from 20 kW to 200 MW. Our specific expertise in initial phase of small hydroelectric projects include:

  • Site Selection for small hydropower development
  • Feasibility Studies exploring economic and environmental benefits and costs
  • Business Plan preparation for the development small hydropower projects
  • Project Licensing necessary for developing the project

Small Hydropower Design and Engineering

Our professionals offer comprehensive engineering services in hydropower plant design and engineering including:

  • Project Management
  • Process Design
  • Site Layout & Planning
  • Plant Design Including Electrical and Mechanical
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Procurement and Construction Site Supervision
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Small Hydropower Operation and Resource Management

Carnotech Energy can deliver detailed options for operation and maintenance of small hydropower plants including:

  • Annual service and maintenance
  • Resource sustainability study and implementation
  • Environmental protection measures for operation and maintenance activities