Kwadacha First Nation Greenhouse Facility

For many people living in northern latitudes, the cost of shipping food to remote communities is becoming increasingly expensive. The food cost increases and the food quality decreases as vegetables, grains, dairy and fruits are transported to reach distant communities. The high price of healthy food and vegetables has harmfully affected many remote communities across Canada.

The Kwadacha First Nation is located 570 km North of Prince George BC at the confluence of the Fox and Finlay rivers in the Rocky Mountain Trench with a population of approximately 300 people. Carnotech and its partners have completed turnkey development and installation of a 10,800 sqft multicrop greenhouse growing facility in Fort Ware, B.C. The project is sized to provide fresh produce and vegetables comprising of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers for Kwadacha First Nation (community of 300) throughout the year. Also, the project has enabled the Kwadacha Nation to provide education and training and job opportunities for the community members.