Wind Power

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Wind power is the extraction of kinetic energy from the wind whereby it is converted into electricity. Wind power is an abundant, widely distributed, clean, safe, and renewable power source that has zero fuel cost and, more importantly, zero emissions. In spite of the global economic crisis, investment in new wind turbines exceeded all previous years by far. According to the world wind energy report, in 2009, the wind capacity worldwide reached 160,000 MW.

The market for renewable energies is expected to grow 12 percent annually for the next decade. The market for offshore wind farms alone is expected to grow by more than 20 percent annually for the next five years.

We’re well positioned to take advantage of this growth. Our expertise is to utilize a wide range of wind power turbine technologies to produce power from simple, low cost installation of wind turbines for small locations to large, commercial wind turbines. We utilize leading edge technology to maximize power output.

Our services include:

Wind Power Resource Assessment

Our specific expertise in wind power projects include:

  • Site Selection suitable for wind power development
  • Wind assessment for selected sites
  • Calculating footprint of installing wind power resources
  • Business Plan preparation for development of a wind power plant
  • Project permitting and financing
  • On-site survey of wild-life for their protection against wind power development
  • Well drilling to inspect the possibility of developing wind power resource projects

Wind Power Design and Engineering

Our professionals offer comprehensive engineering services in wind power plant design and engineering including:

  • Project Management
  • Site Layout & Planning
  • Plant Design, Including Electrical and Mechanical
  • Turbine Specifications
  • Turbine Procurement and Construction Site Supervision
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Wind Power Operation and Resource Management

  • Wind Resource Assessment
  • Resource sustainability study and assessment
  • Environmental protection measures for operation and maintenance activities