200 MW Geothermal Power (Tecto Energy)

Tecto Energy is an energy resource development company that was established to explore and develop renewable energy resources and technologies in Canada and abroad. The company has acquired a major geothermal concession in Canada with the potential to produce several hundreds of megawatts of renewable power in British Columbia.

Geothermal power technology is mature, clean and offers an optimal solution for a planet with increasing demands for electricity. British Columbia currently has at least 3000 to 5000 MW of geothermal power potential. The Meager Creek Complex is the most advanced geothermal prospect in British Columbia with an estimated 1000 MW potential, and Tecto’s Pebble Creek (North Meager Reservoir) prospect has an estimated developable power potential of above 500 MW. Tecto Energy intends to bring the first 200 MW of Canadian geothermal power on line in the near future.

For this project, we conducted a comprehensive feasibility study on geothermal resource evaluation including: geology analysis and mapping, detailed geological survey and mapping, geophysical exploration (including resistivity survey, seismic, temperature survey/modeling), along with geochemistry studies (including elemental and isotope in water and rock samples). Additionally, we have been commissioned to provide engineering services for geothermal drilling as well as acting as the client’s representative during third party drilling (as drilling superintendent).